Course Descriptions

S.No Course No Course Name Credit
1BT1020Material and Energy Balances11
2EE1100Basic Electrical Engineering10
3EE1100#Basic Electrical Engineering10
4EE1101Signals and Systems10
5EE1101#Signals and Systems10
6EE1102Introduction to Programming12
7EE1103Numerical Methods12
8EE2001Digital Systems & Lab16
9EE2004Digital Signal Processing11
10EE2005Electrical Machines and Lab15
11EE2015Electric Circuits & Networks 11
12EE2016Microprocessor Theory+Lab12
13EE2019Analog Systems and Lab17
14EE2025Engineering Electromagnetics10
15EE2703Applied Programming Lab6
16EE3001Solid State Devices11
17EE3002Analog Circuits10
18EE3003Power Systems10
19EE3004Control Engineering11
20EE3005Communication Systems10
21EE3006Principles of Measurement8
22EE3007RF and Optical Communication9
23EE3110Probability Foundations for Electrical Engineers12
24EE3110AProbability Foundations for Electrical Engineers12
25EE3203Power Electronics10
26EE3313Device Modelling10
27EE3402Sensing Techniques and Sensor Systems11
28EE3701Microprocessor Laboratory6
29EE3703Analog Circuits Laboratory6
30EE4131Analog and Digital Filters9
31EE4140Digital Communication Systems10
32EE4348Quantum Electronics and Lasers9
33EE4371Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms9
34EE4502Optics for Engineers12
35EE4701Advanced EE Laboratory6
36EE4900B.Tech Project27
37EE4901Mini Project 19
38EE4902Mini Project 29
39EE4903Mini Project 39
40EE4999Undergraduate Research Project9
41EE5002Analysis of Networks & Systems12
42EE5003Electrical Networks and Systems10
43EE5003WElectrical Networks and Systems10
44EE5004Seminar on the history of Electrical Engineering3
45EE5011Computer Methods in Electrical Engineering12
46EE5110Probability Foundations for Electrical Engineers12
47EE5111Estimation Theory12
48EE5112Detection Theory12
49EE5112WDetection Theory12
50EE5113Detection and Estimation Theory12
51EE5120Applied Linear Algebra I for EE12
52EE5120WApplied Linear Algebra I for EE12
53EE5121Convex Optimization12
54EE5130Digital Signal Processing12
55EE5130WDigital Signal Processing12
56EE5131Selected Topics in Digital Signal Processing9
57EE5140Digital Modulation and Coding12
58EE5140WDigital Modulation and Coding12
59EE5141Introduction to Wireless and Cellular Communication12
60EE5141WIntroduction to Wireless and Cellular Communication12
61EE5142Introduction to Information Theory and Coding12
62EE5142WIntroduction to Information Theory and Coding12
63EE5143Information Theory9
64EE5150Communication Networks12
65EE5150WCommunication Networks12
66EE5151Communication Techniques12
67EE5153Foundations of Optical Networking12
68EE5154Complex Network Analysis12
69EE5155Wireless Networks12
70EE5156Internet of Things and Management of discrete entities6
71EE5158Communication Networks for IoT9
72EE5160Error Control Coding9
73EE5161Modern Coding Theory9
74EE5162Topics in Information Theory9
75EE5163Digital Signal Compression9
76EE5170Speech Signal Processing12
77EE5175Image Signal Processing12
78EE5175WImage Signal Processing12
79EE5176Computational Photography12
80EE5177Machine Learning for Computer Vision12
81EE5178Modern Computer Vision12
82EE5178WModern Computer Vision12
83EE5179WDeep Learning for Imaging12
84EE5180Introduction to Machine Learning12
85EE5180WIntroduction to Machine Learning12
86EE5200Power Converter Analysis and Design9
87EE5201Modelling and Analysis of Electric Machines9
88EE5202Computer Aided Design of Electrical Machines9
89EE5203Switched Mode Power Conversion9
90EE5204Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy9
91EE5212Digital Controller for power Applications9
92EE5253Computer Methods in Power Systems Analysis9
93EE5254High Voltage Technology9
94EE5257Energy Management Systems and SCADA9
95EE5260Power Quality9
96EE5261Flexible AC Transmission Systems9
97EE5262Distributed Generation and Microgrid Systems9
98EE5310Analog Electronic circuits12
99EE5310WAnalog Electronic circuits12
100EE5311Digital IC Design12
101EE5311WDigital IC Design12
102EE5312VLSI Technology12
103EE5312WVLSI Technology12
104EE5313Semiconductor Device Modelling12
105EE5313WSemiconductor Device Modelling12
106EE5320Analog IC Design12
107EE5320WAnalog IC Design12
108EE5321Active Filter Design9
109EE5323Advanced Electrical Networks12
110EE5325Power Management Integrated Circuits12
111EE5325WPower Management Integrated Circuits12
112EE5330Computer-Aided Design and Analysis of Digital ICs12
113EE5331DSP Architectures & Embedded Systems12
114EE5332Mapping Signal Processing Algorithms to DSP Architectures12
115EE5332WMapping Signal Processing Algorithms to DSP Architectures12
116EE5333Introduction to Physical Design Automation12
117EE5333WIntroduction to Physical Design Automation12
118EE5340Micro Electro Mechanical Systems9
119EE5341MOS Device Modeling & Characterization9
120EE5342Compound Semiconductors - Properties and Applications9
121EE5343Solar Cell Device Physics and Materials Technology12
122EE5343WSolar Cell Device Physics and Materials Technology9
123EE5345Semiconductor Power Devices9
124EE5346Introduction to Plastic Electronics9
125EE5346WIntroduction to Plastic Electronics9
126EE5347Quantum Photonics Devices and Technology9
127EE5347WQuantum Photonics Devices and Technology9
128EE5348OLED Display Technology9
129EE5351Linear Algebra Techniques for data analysis and modelling9
130EE5400Analog and Digital Circuits12
131EE5401Measurements and Instrumentation12
132EE5402Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT)12
133EE5410Introduction to Digital Signal Processing12
134EE5411Synthesis of Control Systems12
135EE5412Mathematical Methods in System Engineering12
136EE5413Linear Dynamical Systems12
137EE5419Advanced Control Laboratory6
138EE5500Introduction to Photonics9
139EE5501Photonics Laboratory6
140EE5502Optical Engineering12
141EE5504Fiber Optic Communication Technology12
142EE5505Wave Propagation in Communication9
143EE5505WWave Propagation in Communication9
144EE5507RF Systems Laboratory6
145EE5702Power Laboratory6
146EE5703VLSI Design Laboratory6
147EE5705Data Analytics Lab6
150EE6010Smart Power Grids9
151EE6013GIAN151003D03: Coherent Optical Communication6
152EE6021Introduction to Research0
153EE6110Adaptive Signal Processing12
154EE6111Spectral Estimation9
155EE6112Topics in Random Processes and Concentrations12
156EE6130Advanced Topics in Signal Processing9
157EE6131Digital Filter Design9
158EE6132Advanced Topics in Signal Processing9
159EE6132WAdvanced Topics in Signal Processing9
160EE6133Multirate Digital Signal Processing 9
161EE6140Multi-Antenna Digital Communications12
162EE6141Multicarrier Communications12
163EE6142Advanced Topics in Communications9
164EE6142WAdvanced Topics in Communications9
165EE6143Advanced Topics in Communications9
166EE6150Stochastic Modeling and the Theory of Queues12
167EE6151Advanced Topics in Networks9
168EE6152Advanced Topics in Networks9
169EE6180Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence9
170EE6180WAdvanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence9
171EE6200Power Electronic Control of Electric Machines9
172EE6203Power Electronic System Design9
173EE6253Power System Control and Stability9
174EE6254Advanced Topics in Electrical Insulation9
175EE6255Power System Protection9
176EE6258DC Power Transmission Systems9
177EE6260Digital Simulation of Power Systems9
178EE6261Restructured power systems9
179EE6262Advanced Motor Control9
180EE6265Power System Operation and Planning9
181EE6320RF Integrated Circuits12
182EE6320WRF Integrated Circuits12
183EE6321VLSI Data Conversion Circuits12
184EE6321WVLSI Data Conversion Circuits12
185EE6322VLSI Broadband Communication Circuits12
186EE6322WVLSI Broadband Communication Circuits12
187EE6323Wireless System Design9
188EE6324Phase-Locked Loops12
189EE6324WPhase-Locked Loops12
190EE6325Advanced Power Management Systems12
191EE6326Integrated Circuit Design and Testing12
192EE6327Advanced Clock Generation Techniques9
193EE6331Embedded Memory Design12
194EE6332Modeling and Optimization in VLSI12
195EE6341Compact Modeling of Devices in Integrated Circuit Design12
196EE6343Special Electronic Devices9
197EE6345Advanced Memory Technology9
198EE6346Advanced CMOS Devices and Technology9
199EE6346WAdvanced CMOS Devices and Technology9
200EE6350Analysis of noise in systems9
201EE6360Advanced topics in VLSI9
202EE6361Advanced Topics in VLSI9
203EE6362Advanced Topics in Microelectronics and MEMS9
204EE6402Biomedical Electronic Systems9
206EE6404Power System Instrumentation9
207EE6407Instrumentation for Ocean Technology9
208EE6412Optimal Control12
209EE6415Nonlinear Systems Analysis12
210EE6417Incentive-Cenetred Design (Advanced Topics in Control)9
211EE6419Geometric Nonlinear Control Theory9
212EE6430Fundamentals of Linear Optimization9
213EE6431Nonsmooth analysis in control and optimization9
214EE6432Stochastic Control12
215EE6433Distributed Optimization for Control12
216EE6491Advanced Topics in Instrumentation-19
217EE6492Advanced Topics in Instrumentation9
218EE6500Integrated Optoelectronics Devices and Circuits12
219EE6501Optical Sensors9
220EE6502Optical Signal Processing and Quantum Communication9
221EE6502WOptical Signal Processing and Quantum Communication9
222EE6504Optical Communication Networks9
223EE6505Waveguides, Microwave Circuits, and Antennas12
224EE6506Computational Electrogmagnetics12
225EE6509Fiber Lasers and Applications6
226EE6511Distributed Fiber Sensors and its Applications6
227EE6700Advanced Photonics Laboratory9
228EE6901M.Tech Project 125
229EE6901WM.Tech Project 125
230EE6902M.Tech Project 230
231EE6902WM.Tech Project 230
232EE6903M.Tech Project 330
233EE6903+M.Tech Project 340
234EE6903WM.Tech Project 330
235EE6999Special Topics in Electrical Engineering9
236EE6999*Special Topics in Electrical Engineering9
237EE7041Biomedical Engineering6
238EE7101Directed Study on Research Topics12
239EE7201Directed Study on Research Topics12
240EE7301Directed Study on Research Topics12
241EE7401Directed Study on Research Topics12
242EE7500Advanced Topics in RF and Photonics9
243EE7501Directed Study on Research Topics12
244EE7999Special Topics in Electrical Engineering9
245EE8005GIAN 161003M02: Complex Light6
246EE8007GIAN :Microwave Photonics- Technologies, Systems and Networks6
247EE8008GIAN 61003D01: Advanced Group-IV Semiconductor Electronic and Optoelectronic devices3
248EE8009GIAN 161003D03- Silicon Photonics: Linear, Nonlinear, and Quantum Integrated Photonics Devices and Circuits6
249EE8010GIAN161003D04: Fundamentals of Numerical Modelling and Simulation of Multi-Physics and Multi-Domain Systems 3
250EE8011GIAN161003D05: Computational Techniques for Frequency-domain and Perturbation Analysis of Electronic and Multi-Physics Systems3
251EE8012GIAN161003D06: Near/sub-threshold circuits and architectures for microprocessors 3
252EE8013GIAN171003D01: Coupling-Matrix Design of Advanced RF/Microwave Filters3
253EE8014GIAN171003D02: Quantum error correction and its relations to statistical physics3
254EE8015GIAN 151003D01 Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuits: 60GHz and Beyond6
255EE8016Reliability in Power Electronics (GIAN)0
257ID3010Sensory, Motor and Language Disorders9
258ID3020Design of Assistive Devices9
259ID4200Creative Engineering Project II18
260ID4901Undergraduate Research Project (YRF)9
261ID4902Undergraduate Research Project-II (YRF)9
262ID5840Quantum Integer Programming9
263ID5840WQuantum Integer Programming9
264IG6001GIAN 151003D01: Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuits: 60GHz and Beyond6