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Course details of EE3313
Course NoEE3313
Course TitleDevice Modelling
Course ContentBasic Semiconductor Physics: SRH and Auger models of recombination; Heavy doping and bandgap narrowing; Avalanche multiplication;MOSFET Modelling : Analysis of threshold voltage in ideal and non-ideal conditions; Threshold voltage and body effect; Long channel models for drain current; effect of non-uniform doping in the channel; channel length modulation and dynamic operation; short channel and small geometry effects; subthreshold charges and currents; small signal analysis; modeling of SOI MOSFETBipolar Transistor Modelling: Ebers-Moll model; stored charge and capacitances in BJT; derivation of fT from small signal equivalent circuit; graded base doping; variation of  with collector current; high injection effects in collector; heavy doping effects in emitter; Gummel-Poon model; current crowding; polysilicon emitter transistorHeterojunction Devices: Concept of heterojunction; Modelling of heterostructure devices e.g. HBT and HEMT
Course Offered this semesterYes