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Course NoEE6502W
Course TitleOptical Signal Processing and Quantum Communication
Course ContentPart1: Linear and nonlinear optical effects such as the Pockels and Kerr effects, their use in devices such as electro-optic modulators for intensity and phase modulation. Higher order nonlinear effects in crystals and in optical fibres, with their applications to self phase modulation, cross phase modulation and 4-wave mixing. Numerical solutions to the nonlinar Schrodinger equation, application of the nonlinar optical loop mirror and nonlinear effects in semiconductor optical amplifiers.Part 2: Optical quantum information processing starting with the descriptions of Fock states, the weak coherent states and the cluster states, and the methods for their generation and detection. The use of qubits in optical communications for implementation of quantum key distribution, quantum communication, quantum teleportation. The description of different technologies leading to their use in quantum memory and quantum repeaters
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