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Course details of EE3007
Course NoEE3007
Course TitleRF and Optical Communication
Course ContentBasic requirements of Communication Link: Modulation, Power, Transmitter and Receiver Gain, Noise, SNR. Noise in channel vs Noise in Receiver RF Link Design Receivers and Transmitters: Radiation patterns, power,bandwidth, noise The RF channel: multipath, curvature of earth Near Field RF link. Inductive coupling with RFID antennas, readers Short Range communications Zigbee, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): Link design Long range communications Wireless links: Multipath, fading, attenuation, link design, case study Satellite links: Effect of ionosphere, atmosphere. Link design, case studies Ultra long links: Communicating across the solar system - link design for the deep space probes sent out by NASA. Optical communication: Sources: Modulation, power, beam spreading, beam wander Receivers: Sensitivity, noise, bandwidth Channel: Bandwidth, Fibre or free space, Channel noise, Turbulence, Fog Optical link design basics Free Space link design, case studies. Fog and free space optical links Optical Fibre Communication basics. Link design of a fibre link. Cost per bit for Copper, RF and Optical links vs distance and Bitrate RF over Optical links: Microwave Photonics Transporting analog RF over Optical links
Course Offered this semesterYes