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Course details of EE5340
Course NoEE5340
Course TitleMicro Electro Mechanical Systems
Course ContentIntroduction to MEMSSurface micromachining, Oxide anchored Cantilever beam, poly anchored beamsLPCVD poly silicon deposition, doping, oxidationTransport in PolySi, 2 and 3 terminal beamsBulk micromachining; Wet etching –isotropic and anisotropic; Etch stop – Electrochemical etching; Dry etching; BondingComparison of bulk and Surface micromachining: LIGA; SU-8; Moulding processes;Stiction: process, in-use, Measuring stictionPull-in parallel plate capacitorPressure Sensor: piezo-resisitivity, Diffused Si, Poly, porous SiBeams: Structure; force, moments, equation, spring constant; Stress, pull-in, pull-out; resonance freq, etcAccelerometer. Quasi-static, capacitive, equivalent circuit; Analog; Tunnel; Thermal accelerometerRate GyroscopeBiosensor and BioMEMS; Microfluidics; Digital Microfluidics; Ink jet printerOptical MEMS: Displays -DMDs, LGVs, active and passive componentsRF MEMS: switches, active and passive componentsPackaging; ReliabilityScalingOther materials/ actuatorsBy TAsMEMS software training: COMSOL & IntellisuiteSome process technology (Litho, oxidation, etc)
Course Offered this semesterYes