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Course details of EE6407
Course NoEE6407
Course TitleInstrumentation for Ocean Technology
Course ContentOcean: its importance – waves, currents, tides, acidity, dissolved oxygen, salinity, conductivity, pressure, temperature, turbidity, visualisation – problems associated with underwater measurements – low temperature, absence of light, high pressure - sea bed: bearing strength, shear strength, seismic levels, tsunami, wind amplitude and direction, humidity, Important features of ocean – coastal area – placer minerals - deep sea oil and gas extraction – gas hydrates – nodule mining – massive sulphides, underwater volcano – Cobalt crusts – deepest point – Mariana trench. Measurement of parameters: wave parameters, ocean current - Acoustic Doppler Velocity Profiler (ADCP) - Turbine meter, drifter, High Frequency (HF) Radar, Tide: acoustic tide gauge, pressure measurement based ocean acidity pCO2 measurement, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, chemical sensors. Platforms: Data buoys – Tsunami buoys, mooring design, satellite communication, AUVs basic design, propulsion, guidance, inertial navigation system, Glider: basic design, gliding principle, payloads, Autonomous profiling drifter (AUPD) – principle of operation, variable buoyancy engine – payloads – deep sea operation – satellite issues, Ship based - Wire walker – operating principle. Sonar: principle – side scan, single beam, multibeam. Calibration: Need for calibration – primary standards – secondary standards, calibration labs, accreditation, Temperature baths, Wind tunnels, Humidity standards. Marine sensor network: Smart sensors (IEEE 1451) for the measurement of physical and or chemical parameters compatible with cabled observations connection (OBSEA). Current standards promoted by Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) or GEOSS as Sensor ML. Ship related Instrumentation: Ship propulsion basics, prod propulsion, diesel electric propulsion, thrusters, speed control, controlled pitch propulsion, Measurement of speed, GPS, current, wind speed, wind direction, Radar, Dynamic positioning of ship – diving bell – position keeping, accuracy
Course Offered this semesterYes