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Course NoEE5400
Course TitleAnalog and Digital Circuits
Course ContentIdeal opamp : Linear circuits: basic circuits like integrator, practical integrator, buffer, inverting, non-inverting, differential and instrumentation amplifiers, current sources floating and grounded loads, negative impedance converter, generalized impedance converter.Real opamp Performance parameters: Static limitations, Dynamic limitations, Input-output swing limitations, compensation techniques.Closed-loop stability: Feedback stability issues and frequency compensation methods. Noise in opamps.Switched-capacitor circuits.Applications: Non-linear circuits-Comparators, Schmitt trigger, precision rectifier. Non-linear amplifiers: log/antilog amplifiers, analog multipliersAnalog-digital converters Protection circuits for opamps, input and output over voltage and current protection, supply bypassing, avoiding faulty conditions, interference, noise, shielding and guarding, dc leakage paths, Earth loops. Digital: NMOS and CMOS inverters, Digital-overview, timing analysis, static and dynamic hazards, Latches, racing, master salve flip-flops, characteristic equations, sequential circuits, Synchronous state machine analysis, Moore and Mealy machines, state table, state diagram, design of synchronous state machines.Laboratory experiments: . Negative Feedback Amplifiers and Instrumentation Amplifiers2. Regenerative/Positive Feedback systems: Schmitt Trigger, Astable, and Monostable Multi-vibrator.3. Design, implementation and testing of analog active second order low pass, high pass, band pass and band reject filters. 4. Design, implementation and testing of multiple feedback band pass filter, Twin-T type notch filter and all-pass filter.5. Signal Conditioning Circuit for Resistive Transducers.6. Voltage Controlled Pulse-Width Modulation.7. Introduction to Texas Instruments Launch pad Development Board and Code Composer Studio 4.2 IDE for Embedded C programming.8. Understand the operation of Analog-to-Digital Converters and Timers modules in microcontrollers and use these in some suitable applications.
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