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Course details of EE6341
Course NoEE6341
Course TitleCompact Modeling of Devices in Integrated Circuit Design
Course ContentEssential goals and features of compact modeling; large-signal and small-signal model variables, model equations and parameter extractions; model implementation in Verilog-A and simulations.Model development, implementation and testing for bipolar transistors: intrinsic, internal and complete device structures and respective model equivalent circuits; integral charge control relations (ICCR) and transfer current; internal base resistance and capacitance; static and dynamic model behavior; various second order effects such as non-quasi-static delay, high frequency noise correlation, electrothermal heating etc.; industry-standard models. Model development, implementation and testing for field effect transistors: threshold voltage-based, surface potential based and charge-based models; Gummel symmetry and its effects; various short channel effects; gate leakage currents; various charge components and non-reciprocal capacitances; industry-standard models.
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