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Course NoEE8015
Course TitleGIAN 151003D01 Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuits: 60GHz and Beyond
Course ContentCourse Contents:o Introduction to mmWave systems and applications.o Si-based devices for mmWave (Modern SiGe and CMOS technologies, fT, fmax, currentdensityscaling, large-signal models).o Si-based passive devices (Inductors, capacitors, resonators, transformers, transmissionlines, impact of BEOL).o mmWave amplifier design (Max. available gain, max. unilateral gain, cascade vs.cascode)o mmWave and microwave low-noise amplifier design (CS, CB, NFmin, Yopt, noisecircles).o mmWave power-amplifier design (Class A-F, load-pull, efficiency/output power circles,impedance transformation and power combining).o mmWave mixers for frequency translation.o mmWave VCOs (LC oscillators, standing-wave oscillators, push-push and distributedoscillators).o Oscillator phase-noise theory and its impact on mmWave VCO design.o Injection locking, injection pulling and coupled oscillators.o mmWave frequency synthesis (Regenerative dividers, injection locked dividers,mmWave PLLs).o Phased arrays and multiple-antenna systems (Architectures, phase-shifter circuits).
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