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Course details of EE5161
Course NoEE5161
Course TitleModern Coding Theory
Course Content1. Linear Block Codes (Review)Definition and properties, minimum distance, channel models, Optimal hard and soft decision decoding in Gaussian channels, Bitwise MAP decoders, Approximate bitwise MAP decoders 2. Convolutional Codes: Definition and properties, trellis structure, Recursive and non-recursive encoders, free distance, Maximum likelihood decoding in Gaussian channels (Viterbi decoder) BCJR decoding (MAP) and max-log-MAP approximations 3. Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Codes, Definition and construction, degree distributions, regular and irregular ensembles, Hard and soft message-passing decoders, peeling decoder, bit flipping and sum product algorithms, and approximations, Computation trees, density evolution and threshold for symmetric channels, EXIT charts and optimization of degree distribution 4. Turbo Codes: Definition and construction, Turbo encoder and interleaver, Turbo decoder Ensemble distance properties EXIT charts for turbo codes, Turbo code design 5. Advanced topics (A selection will be covered) Repeat accumulate (RA) codes: Definition and construction, regular and irregular RA codes, decoding RA codes, Polar Codes: Definition and construction, Encoding and decoding of polar codes, Capacity-approaching property of polar codes, Protograph LDPC codes : Definition and construction, decoding and vector density evolution, Spatially coupled LDPC codes: Definition and construction, decoding and threshold saturation property, Linear programming decoding of block codes, Coding for distributed storage, Codes in standards and codec implementations, Other applications of coding theory
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