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Course details of EE5155
Course NoEE5155
Course TitleWireless Networks
Course ContentWireless Networking communication protocols, algorithms for network resource allocation, traffic engineering, modeling and performance analysis, Queuing models.wireless local area networks, ad hoc and mesh wireless networks, Routing protocol, TCP,Cross-layer design and optimization, wireless Multiple access techniques,multi packet reception, Next generation WiFi.Standards ( 802.11 family ).Relay networks,inter-vehicular networks, Dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio networks, Wireless sensor networks, Wireless-specific security, privacy, and authentication, mobile computing.Heterogeneous networks, Mobile data offloading, storage area networks, peer-to-peer networking, issues related to social networks, location aware networking, network management, software defined networks. Machine to machine communication, Frame slotted aloha, RFID, Internet of Things.LTE massive machine type communication.
Course Offered this semesterNo
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