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Course NoEE5153
Course TitleFoundations of Optical Networking
Course ContentReview of Computer Network Basics: Computer Network - definition and scope, protocols, layers & protocol stack, a simple network architecture, ISO/OSI 7 layer reference model, functionalities of first three layers, with emphasis on Data Link layer. Framing, error control, MAC layer functions, CSMA/CD, circuit, packet and message switching (3 weeks) Digital Transmission Basics: A simple synchronous TDM, timing inaccuracies, timing issues in practical digital links, master-slave and independent timing architectures, slips, elastic stores and asynchronous multiplexing (2 weeks) First Generation Optical Networks: Asynchronous multiplexing, SDH networks: G.707 multiplexing structure, layers in SDH, role of pointers in STM frames (2 weeks) Second Generation Optical Networks: Broadcast and Select networks, concept of optical LANs, bus, star topologies, MAC in optical layers, WDM networks, wavelength continuity constraint, concepts of optical pass-through, light-path, logical topology and fiber/physical topology (3 weeks) Network Survivability: Availability, dedicated / shared protection, line, path and ring switching, protection & restoration in SDH networks: UPSR, BLSR/s and BLSR/4 rings. Protection in WDM networks (2 weeks) Trends in Optical Networking Design: Routing algorithms, wavelength assignment, and grooming. (1 week)
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