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Course NoEE6505
Course TitleWaveguides, Microwave Circuits, and Antennas
Course ContentReview: Maxwell’s Equations, Poynting Theorem, Group and Phase velocity. Transmission Lines. Plane Waves: Cutoffs and reflections in ionosphere. Anisotropic media: Faraday Rotation. Thin films. Introduction to optical filter design. Waveguides: Rectangular and cylindrical waveguides. Dielectric and Surface waveguides. Microwave Networks: Microwave cavities. Scattering matrix, S parameters, reciprocity, coupling energy to a waveguide. Use of Vector Network Analyser to characterise high-speed circuits. Microwave components: Gunn, impatt and varacter diodes, etc and their use in designing RF circuits. Active and passive RF filters. Antennas: Potential functions. Monopole and dipole antennas, Antenna arrays. Yagi, Horn, Parabola, micro strip and patch antennas. Antenna equivalent circuits, Antenna directivity, Gain and Coupling, Impedance, Radiation patterns. Case Studies of RF circuits in mobile phones and satellite communications. Optional Additional Topics: Waveguide couplers, practical RF circuit design, gratings, holography. Non-recoprocal elements such as ferrite components, Isolators and circulators. Frequency-independent antennas, log-periodic antennas, spiral antennas. RF-Id systems.
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