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Course details of EE5203
Course NoEE5203
Course TitleSwitched Mode Power Conversion
Course Content) Power Converters • Introduction, DC-DC Converter: Linear regulators, switched mode converters: Topologies, Non-isolated/isolated, constituent elements, operating principles, steady state analysis and Steady state model in continuous and Discontinuous mode of operation. Steady-State Equivalent Circuit Modelling, Losses, and Efficiency, Techniques of Design-Oriented Analysis with application to switching converters. 2) Modelling of switching converters • AC Equivalent circuit modelling of converters and simulation of converters operating in continuous mode, State Space averaged model, averaged switch modelling, canonical circuit model, transfer functions of switching converters. 3) Control Schemes and controller design • Popular techniques for controlling switching converters: Voltage control, current programmed control: Average-current, peak-current-mode, Effects of current mode control on basic transfer functions, Frequency control techniques. • Controller design in frequency Domain • Concepts on application of non linear control techniques to power converters. 4) Soft Switching converters ZVS/ZCS schemes, Topologies and control and analysis of various resonant / soft-switching dc-dc converters
Course Offered this semesterYes