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Course details of EE6262
Course NoEE6262
Course TitleAdvanced Motor Control
Course ContentInduction Motor Drives Vector Control: Machine equations – indirect vector, direct vector control, estimation of flux vectors, current and voltage methods. DTC/DSC and their triggering strategies – with and without sector identification. Sensorless control of Induction Machines – methods of speed identification. Position estimation by signal injection Rotor Controlled induction machines – theory of power flow and control of rotor side converters BLDC drives Theory of operation of machine and bridge – triggering based on hall sensors – Control loop – sensorless control methods. PMSM drives Modelling of PMSM machines. Vector control of PMSM drives – performance characteristics – flux weakening for extending speed range. Sensorless control of PMSM drives Switched Reluctance Motor drives Introduction to the machine and controller structure – determination of inductance variations and torque performance.
Course Offered this semesterYes