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Course details of EE5151
Course NoEE5151
Course TitleCommunication Techniques
Course ContentPart-1: From “Digital Telephony”, J.C.Bellamy, 3rd Ed (John Wiley)1.1 Chapter 1 – Introduction: reading1.2 Chapter 2 – Why digital representation and trasmission? reading1.3 Signal representation, Sampling of band-pass signals (Notes)1.4 Chapter 4 – Digital transmission & multiplexing of digital streams – examples from elastic buffers, bit-stuffing, and marker detection for framing 1.5 Chapter 5 – Digital switching for Voice -- Multistage switches, Non-blocking and Blocking switches, Blocking Probability versus Complexity, (5.1--5.4; excluding 5.2.3 to 5.2.6), Digital Trunking for Voice – interpretation from Erlang-B formula (Notes)Part-2: From “Wireless Communications”, T.S.Rappaport, (Pearson Ed.)2.1 Chapter 1 – Introduction to wireless communications: reading2.2 RF Principles, Path Loss, Receiver Sensitivity, Wireless Communication Link Budget, Analog repeater (relay) design, BER of Analog Repeater and Regenerative Repeater (Notes)2.3 Chapter 2 – Cellular concept – System design fundamentals(emphasis on co-channel interference and system capacity, and trunking efficiency), user capacity of cellular TDMA and DS-CDMA systems (also from Chapter 8) Part-3: From “Data Networks”, Bertsekas and Gallager, 2nd Ed, (Prentice Hall India)3.1 Elements of Packet Switching – Motivation, ARQ Protocols, Pipelining, Flow Control3.2 What is hybrid ARQ (HARQ) in 4G LTE systems?
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