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Course details of EE5003
Course NoEE5003
Course TitleElectrical Networks and Systems
Course Content1) Circuits and Networks:Review of nodal analysis/modified nodal analysis and basic circuit theorems. Nodal analysis with controlled sources and magnetically coupled systems. Resonant circuits.2) 2-port networks, small signal analysis:Linear two port networks and network theorems. Small signal analysis of networks.3) Transmission lines:2-port networks at high frequencies, s-parameters. Lumped vs distributed representations. Lossless vs lossy transmission lines. Special cases - quarter wavelength; short, open and matched loads.4) Ideal opamps, feedback (system level):Basics of operational amplifier. Op-amp based building blocks. Feedback theory, negative/positive feedback. Stability criteria, review of bode plot with gain and phase margin. Compensation.5) Introduction to noise in circuits:Thermal noise in resistors. Noise analysis in networks (including controlled sources). Input referred current and voltage sources. Noise correlation.6) Nonlinearity, time variance:Representations and effects of nonlinearities and time variance in circuits. Effects on noise.
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