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Course details of EE6200
Course NoEE6200
Course TitlePower Electronic Control of Electric Machines
Course ContentPrinciples of Drives Drive train methods – Gear, belt, Ball Screw arrangements. Thermal considerations for motor rating and overloads. Quadrants of operation. Stability considerations. Duty classes S1 – S10 and IP class. Relevant standards. DC Drives SCR bridge (3-phase) based drive: power circuit operation – continuous and discontinuous conduction – torque ripple. Line reactors for harmonic reduction. Modeling of drive and control system design, example. Control by back emf estimation. Two quadrant operation. H-bridge controlled drive and four quadrant operation Dual Converter based drives and control strategy for reversible operation. Field Weakening AC Drives: Induction Motor Drives Scalar Control methods Variable voltage method and its implementation in simulation – properties and behavior, limitations– loss and efficiency in variable slip operation Rotor resistance control / Rotor Chopper Control – implementation in simulation – analysis of performance – currents in rotor and stator. Slip energy recovery scheme – static Kramer drive – estimation of performance curves and control principles. V/f control, VSI – estimation of V/f characteristics, SPWM operations – selection of switching frequency – variable switching frequency. Various schemes of V/f implementation – constant slip, constant slip speed. Current Source Inverters and their usage for induction motor control - characteristics of CSI controlled drives. Triggering Schemes for CSI.
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