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Course details of EE5262
Course NoEE5262
Course TitleDistributed Generation and Microgrid Systems
Course ContentIntroduction to AC and DC microgrid systems, distributed generation consisting of AC and DC type renewable energy sources (RES) with a focus on photo voltaic and wind energy systems, their modeling, analysis, design and applications in microgrid connected systems. Maximum power extraction schemes for the RES, application of AC-DC, DC-DC converters for extracting maximum power and their integration with common DC bus. Storage systems consisting of battery, supercapacitors, their modeling, analysis, design and applications in microgrid, integration of storage system with the DC grid using bidirectional DC-DC converters. DC and AC grid integration using voltage source converters (VSC), control strategies for VSC to operate it in standalone or grid connected mode, power flow, energy management systems and power quality issues in microgrid systems.
Course Offered this semesterYes
Faculty NameDr. MAHESH KUMAR