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Course details of EE3005
Course NoEE3005
Course TitleCommunication Systems
Course Content(1) Review of Signals and Systems -- Linear time-invariant systems, Fourier series, Fourier transform, Bandwidth, Baseband and passband signals, complex baseband representation of passband signals (2) Amplitude Modulation (AM) -- Double Sideband - Suppressed carrier AM, Conventional AM, Single sideband AM, Vestigial sideband AM, Quadrature AM (3) Angle Modulation -- Phase modulation (PM), Frequency modulation (FM), FM spectrum, Phase-locked loops (4) Signal space representation -- Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization, orthogonal expansion of signals and approximation, vector representation, vector representation of channels (5) Review of Probability -- Probability basics, Random variables, Random vectors, Independence of random variables, Moments, correlation matrix, covariance matrixGaussian random vectors -- Scaling and translation, Standard Gaussian, Joint Gaussianity, linear transformation of jointly Gaussian random vectors (6) Random processes -- Basic definitions, Second-order statistics, Wide-sense stationarity and stationarity, Power spectral density, Gaussian random processes, Noise modeling, Filtering, Projection of Gaussian noise onto a signal space (7) Binary modulation on the additive white Gaussian noise channel, Reduction to binary hypothesis testing
Course Offered this semesterYes