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Course details of EE6255
Course NoEE6255
Course TitlePower System Protection
Course ContentIntroduction to Protective Relays: Basics and fundamentals of protection and protective relaying in power systems, Classification and Types of relays, overcurrent, differential, distance, directional, Relay characteristics, etc. Equipment Protection: Equipment Protection functions and their applications: Overcurrent Protection, Ground fault Protection, Bus bar Protection, Generator Protection, Motor Protection, Transformer Protection, Transmission Line Protection, Pilot Protection, Overcurrent protection, Distance protection, Directional over current relays, Protection schemes, relay coordination, Modern Protective Relaying: Concepts of Digital Signal Processing, Fourier and Laplace Transforms, Z transform, Filter responses; Fundamentals of Digital/Numeric Relays, Various Relay Algorithms used in Digital Relays, Introduction to Phasor Measurement Units and, Load shedding and Frequency Relaying, Multifunction Relays, Digital Protection: IEC 61850 Communication Structure and Relay interoperability, architecture and protocols for protection; Distributed Network Topologies and Protocols, IEC6185 Object Models, GOOSE Messaging, Data models, Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), Control and Protection by IEDs; IEC 61850 Substation and Automation Protocols, Digital Protection of Electrical Apparatus; Wide Area Measurements (WAMs), Synchronous Phase Measurement Units (SPMU), fault location and identification and protection using SPMU.
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