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Course details of EE6253
Course NoEE6253
Course TitlePower System Control and Stability
Course ContentIntroduction to power systems stability problem: rotor angle stability, voltage stability, frequency stability, classification of stability Synchronous machine modeling, representation in stability, load representation, excitation systems, prime mover and governor Small signal stability: fundamental concepts, state space representation, eigen properties, single machine infinite bus systems, power systems stabilizer, multi machine systems Transient stability: numerical integration methods, simulations of power system dynamic response, direct method of transient stability assessment, transient energy function approach Voltage stability: basic concepts Sub-synchronous oscillations: turbine generator torsional oscillations, torsional interactions with power system controls, sub synchronous resonance, impact of network switching disturbances Transient stability enhancement: high speed fault clearing, dynamic braking, reduction of system reactance, control of HVDC transmission links etc.
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