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Course details of EE5260
Course NoEE5260
Course TitlePower Quality
Course Content1. Power quality aspects in power system, power quality indices, power quality standards, terms and definitions. 2. Brief Introduction to power quality problems mitigation devices in power distribution system (custom power devices), Application of power electronic controllers in power system, Distribution Static compensators, DSTATCOM), Dynamic Voltage Restores (DVR), Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC), Static Power Transfer Switches (SPTS) etc. 3. Study on various transformations to analyze three phase systems. 4. Power definitions and components for single phase and three-phase systems. 5. Theory of fundamental unbalanced load compensation. 6. Theories of load compensation with unbalanced and harmonic components shunt active power filters or compensators, working of DSTATCOM, design and performance aspects. 7. Series compensation using dynamic voltage restorer (DVR), principle of operation, analysis and design aspects of DVR. 8. Shunt and series compensation using UPQC.
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