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Course details of EE5176
Course NoEE5176
Course TitleComputational Photography
Course Content1. Image formation and camera model2. Coded computational imaging: Motion deblurring using coded exposure (flutter shutter), focus deblurring using coded aperture3. Multi-image techniques: Panorama, flash no-flash photography, high dynamic range capture, focal stack, aperture-focus stack4. Light field imaging: Light field acquisition using camera array, lenslet array, programmable coded aperture, heterodyne light field camera. Light field rendering.5. Compressive sensing and dictionary learning: L0-L1 norm equivalence, dictionary learning and sparsity-based reconstruction6. Compressive computational imaging: Single pixel camera, flutter shutter video camera, coded strobing photography, programmable pixel compressive camera, pixel-wise coded exposure, compressive light field, compressive hyper-spectral imaging7. Illumination multiplexing, photometric stereo and structured light
Course Offered this semesterNo
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