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Course NoID5840
Course TitleQuantum Integer Programming
Course ContentPart1-Integerprogramming(classicalmethods): Integer Programming basics, cutting plane theory and relaxations, introduction to test sets, Grobner basis, Graver basis. Part 2 - Ising, QUBO : Ising model basics, simulated annealing, Markov-chain Monte Carlo methods, benchmarking classical methods, formulating combinatorial problems as QUBOs Part 3 - Hardware for solving Ising/QUBO : Graphical Processing Units, Tensor Processing Units, Digital Annealers, Oscillator Based Computing, Coherent Ising Machines Part 4 - Quantum methods for solving Ising/QUBO : Adiabatic Quantum Computing and Quantum Annealing, Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm Part 5 - Graver Augmented Multiseed algorithm (GAMA): GAMA with applications: Portfolio Optimization, Cancer Genomics and Quantum Inspired methods such as Quadratic Semi-Assignment. Part 6 - Other topics: Quantum Annealing, Gate-based Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) devices
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