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Course details of EE5202
Course NoEE5202
Course TitleComputer Aided Design of Electrical Machines
Course ContentDesign Perspective of Electromagnetic Equipment - relevance of computer tools in machine design and the design process. Magnetic Field, inductance and magnetic circuits. Ferromagnetism - properties of ferromagnetic materials. Permeability and its various forms - initial, amplitude, incremental, reversible, effective and complex permeability. Soft and Hard magnetic materials. Types of steel - properties and standards. Current materials, ferrites, amorphous and nano-crystalline. Windings - materials, skin effect. Conductor in a slot - leakage fluxes and current density variations - loss comparison of single bar and subdivided conductors. Conductor transposition. Types of windings - form and random, litz Solenoid Design - geometry and force prediction, design for specifications. Force from energy considerations and inductance variation. Introduction to FEMM software and design validation of solenoid through FE Analysis. Transformer Design: basic design equation, winding layers and the design process. Leakage inductance estimation - use of FEMM in design and validations. Machine Design - derivation of the fundamental design equation and machine constant - arriving at main dimensions of a machine. Carter's coefficient and its use in determining air gap flux density. Synchronous Generator Design - determination of total mmf requirement - rotor pole design and shaping - FE verification - pole shoe, stator teeth and stator / rotor yokes. Permanent magnet materials and their characteristics - design and magnet selection for magnet-core-air gap geometry - temperature effects - selection of operating point. Stator design - integral slot and fractional slot winding. Use of slot star diagram. Distribution factor, pitch factor. Examples of winding design - single and double layer - symmetry conditions. Skew factor and slot harmonics. Assignments: Solenoid Design, Transformer Design, Wound field alternator design, BLDC machine design, PM alternator design.
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