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Course details of EE3006
Course NoEE3006
Course TitlePrinciples of Measurement
Course ContentSI Units, significant digits; Errors in Measurements – Systematic and random errors, propagation of errors; Analog Indicating Instrument – The PMMC meter; Analog Indicating Instrument – The MI meter; Analog Indicating Instrument – The ED type meter; Analog Indicating Instrument – Miscellaneous; Digital methods of measurement – The counter-timer; Digital methods of measurement – Analog to digital converters; Digital methods of measurement – Digital multimeter; Digital methods of measurement – DAQ systems; PC based measurement techniques; Graphical methods of measurement – CRO, DSO; Null balance method – Potentiometers – dc and ac; Bridges dc and ac; Voltage and current scaling – CT/ VT and CVT
Course Offered this semesterYes
Faculty NameDr. BOBY GEORGE