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Course details of EE6140
Course NoEE6140
Course TitleMulti-Antenna Digital Communications
Course ContentPreliminaries: Review of Gaussian random variables and vectors, Complex Gaussian random vectors, Detection in Gaussian noise, Probability of error, union bound, some definitions and results from Information theoryCapacity of the vector Gaussian or MIMO channel, Ergodic Capacity of multi-antenna Gaussian channels with Rayleigh fading, Outage capacity of multi-antenna Gaussian channels with fadingSpatial multiplexing: V-BLASTSpace-time codes: Design criteria, Alamouti code, Orthogonal designs, Quasi-orthogonal space-time codes, Diversity-multiplexing gain trade-offMIMO with feedback: Long-term and short-term power constraints, delay-limited capacityMultiuser MIMO: Multiple access, broadcast
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