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Course NoEE6010
Course TitleSmart Power Grids
Course ContentI INTRODUCTION TO SMART GRID: Evolution of Smart Grid. Need and Benefits of Smart Grid. Divers for Smart grid, functions, opportunities and challenges. Difference between conventional and Smart Grid. Concept of Resilient & Self Healing Grid, Present development & International policies in Smart Grid. II SMART GRID TECHNOLOGIES: Smart Grid Technology Drivers, Renewable energy resources, Smart substations, Substation Automation, Feeder Automation ,Transmission systems: EMS, FACTS and HVDC, Wide area monitoring, Protection and control, Distribution systems: DMS, Volt/VAr control, Fault Detection, Isolation and service restoration, Outage management, High-Efficiency Distribution Transformers, Phase Shifting Transformers, Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). III SMART METERS AND ADVANCED METERING INFRASTRUCTURE: Introduction to Smart Meters, Advanced Metering infrastructure (AMI) drivers and benefits, AMI protocols and standards, AMI needs in the smart grid, Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU), Intelligent Electronic Devices(IED) & their applications. IV POWER QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN SMART GRID : Power Quality in Smart Grid, Power Quality issues of Grid connected Renewable Energy Sources, Power Quality Conditioners for Smart Grid, Web based Power Quality monitoring, Power Quality Audit. V SMART GRID COMMUNICATIONS: Local Area Network (LAN), House Area Network (HAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Broadband over Power line (BPL), IP based Protocols, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) Cyber Security for Smart Grid. VI DATA ANALYTICS IN SMART GRIDS: Data Analytics, Foundations, Big Data Management, Analytical Models in Utility, Predictive Analysis and Prescriptive Analysis, Operational Analytics. etc. Applications in Energy Forecasting, Demand response and Energy Analytics, case study in Hadoop and R. VII SMART GRID APPLICATIONS: Demand Side Management, Load Management, State Estimation, Energy Management and Conservation, Smart Grid Analytics, Data Mining and Clustering. Etc.
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