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Course details of EE5141W
Course NoEE5141W
Course TitleIntroduction to Wireless and Cellular Communication
Course ContentOverview of cellular evolution to 4G and beyond, Introduction to terminology, link budget, Computer Simulation of Digital Communications link Cellular Concepts - Freq re-use, Co-channel interference, handoff, Erlang capacity) Radio Propagation – small scale effects, Multipath, different types of fading, delay-spread, Computer generation of fading channels, BER performance in fading Diversity - Types of diversity, analytical methods, computer simulation Capacity of wireless channels - CSIR, CSIT, Water-filling Introduction to MIMO systemsPrinciples of CDMA cellular systems Principles of OFDM based broadband wireless systemsRadio Propagation – large scale effects, Propagation and Path-loss models, shadowing, diffraction loss
Course Offered this semesterNo
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