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Course details of EE5201
Course NoEE5201
Course TitleModelling and Analysis of Electric Machines
Course ContentFundamentals Magnetic Fields Magnetic Circuit Singly Excited Linear Motion System Linear and Cylindrical Motion Systems Systems with Multiple Excitations Non-linear Magnetic Systems Windings and inductances Inductances in Constant Air gap Machines Inductance in Salient Pole Machine Inductances of Distributed Winding Dynamic Equations of Induction Machines Dynamic Equations of Salient Pole Synchronous Machine Transformations and DC Machine Three-to-Two Phase Transformation Induction Machine in Two-Phase Reference Frame The Pseudo-Stationary Reference Frame Induction Machine in Pseudo-Stationary Reference Frame The Primitive Machine Equations Dynamic Equations of DC Machines Small Signal Model of DC Machine Small Signal Behaviour of DC Machine Further transformations and AC machines The Arbitrary Reference Frame Induction Machine Equations in Arbitrary, Synchronous Reference Frames and Small Signal Modelling Introduction to Field Oriented Control of Induction Machines Space Vector Formulation of Induction Machine Equations Modelling of Salient Pole Synchronous Machines Steady State Models – Induction Machine Steady State Models – Salient Pole Synchronous Machine Solution of Dynamic Equations of Induction Machine Dynamics of Threee Phase alternators Reactances of Salient Pole Synchronous Machines Sudden Short Circuit of Three Phase Alternator – Analytical Solution Sudden Short Circuit of Three Phase Alternator – Numerical Simulation
Course Offered this semesterNo
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