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Course TitleGIAN 161003D03- Silicon Photonics: Linear, Nonlinear, and Quantum Integrated Photonics Devices and Circuits
Course Content1. Electronic and optical properties of silicon, convergence of CMOS electronics and photonics 2. Single-mode and multimode waveguide design in SOI substrate; polarization and dispersion effects 3. Orthogonality condition, coupled mode theory and multimode interference (MMI) 4. Design and working principle of MMI based power splitter, directional coupler (DC), and distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) 5. Design and working principle of Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI) and microring resonator (MRR) 6. Fiber-waveguide interface : grating coupler, spot-size converter and waveguide trimming 7. Thermo-optic and plasma-optic tuning: integration of microheater and p-i-n/p-n phase-shifters 8. Design and working principles of modulators, switches, tunable filters, variable optical attenuator (VOA) 9. III-V integration for light sources: state of the art technology and implementation 10. Hybrid integration of photodetectors: state of the art technology and implementation 11. Waveguide-integrated junction linear and avalanche photodetectors. 12. Advanced review of guided-wave light propagation in high index contrast waveguides. 13. Nonlinear effects in silicon photonics. 14. Four-wave mixing, wavelength conversion, two-photon absorption and free-carrier induced limitations; carrier sweepout for partial improvement. 15. Nonlinear effects in micro-resonators; slow and fast light effects; enhancements and impairments. Frequency comb generation. 16. Raman effect, Brillouin effect, coupling to electronic (carrier) and thermal effects. Amplitude-phase coupling in wavelength conversion and in hybrid lasers. 17. Introduction to quantum photonics and the role played by solid-state materials. Photon generation, qubit manipulation and detection technologies. 18. Continued discussion of photon generation, qubit manipulation and detection technologies. 19. Emerging applications (Devices & Systems)
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