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Course NoEE5331
Course TitleDSP Architectures & Embedded Systems
Course ContentOverview of processors (general-purpose, DSPs), role of performance and metrics. Introduction to Field Programmable Gate Arrays and Hardware Description Languages. Introduction to computer arithmetic for signal processing: Number formats for signal processing appli- cations such as fi xed-point, floating-point, block floating-point; IEEE standard and examples. Algorithms and architectures for basic signal processing operations: Designs for low-delay multi- bit addition including carry lookahead and pre x-style addition; Designs for fast multiplication including Booth's multiplier and variations, Baugh-Wooley multiplier, Canonic signed digit (CSD) representation and CSD multiplier. COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer (CORDIC) for computation of various functions; Extension of CORDIC to cover the full range of angles; Enhancements to CORDIC for low area. Introduction to Distributed Arithmetic (DA): multiplierless solution for dot product evaluation, ROM size reduction via offset binary coding and ROM decomposition, fi lter implementation using DA. Architectures for some transforms arising in signal processing including Discrete Fourier Transform and Discrete Hadamard transform; Direct realization and optimization for area. Systolic Architecture Design: Introduction, systolic array design methodology; Applications to signal processing problems.
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