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Course TitleGIAN :Microwave Photonics- Technologies, Systems and Networks
Course ContentPart I (Week 1) - Fundamentals of Microwave Photonic Systems (1) Lightwave – Microwave Interactions – Basic Principles [ 1 Lecture] (2) Electro-Optic Systems – Building Blocks of Microwave Photonic Systems incorporating introduction to optical sources, photodetectors, electro-optical modulation, optical gain, optical modulation – intensity and phase, linearity, signal to noise ratio, intermodulation, crosstalk [7 Lectures] (3) Microwave Photonic Systems – Antenna Remoting – Radio over Fibre and other signal transport schemes, Photonics Signal Processing of Microwave Signals, Photonic Beam Forming Techniques [7 Lectures] Part II (Week2) – Microwave Photonics Based Approaches towards Optical-Wireless Convergence (1) Mobile Broadband: - understanding current network and system architectures and requirements, network evolution and future requirements [ 2 Lectures] (2) Mobile Networks – a system architecture, basestations, distributed antenna systems, fronthaul and backhaul and performance requirements [2 lectures] (3) Optical systems for networking of mobile basestations – system requirements, key photonic technologies, optical transport of wireless signals, system architectures and developments including CPRI – optical interface used by industry in current 3G/4G systems [6 Lectures] (4) Optical networks – basic PON and wavelength division multiplexed network architectures for interconnecting antenna base-stations [2 Lectures] (5) Optical Networking of Wireless Networks – basic planning constraints, an optimisation framework and a case study of small cell deployment and design. [3 Lectures]
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