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Course details of EE5343
Course NoEE5343
Course TitleSolar Cell Device Physics and Materials Technology
Course ContentMotivation - Energy, Environment. Limits in Efficiency Semiconductor materials, Energy gap, Doping. Electrical conductivity, Transport equation, Application of transport equations Optical properties of semiconductors, Excess carriers, Recombination dynamics, Lifetime, Diffusion lengths. p-n junctions, dc IV characteristics and Photocurrent in Solar cell configurations, Efficiencies (solar cell parameters) and spectral response, Losses in solar cells, Equivalent circuits, Measurement techniques Crystalline Si solar cells, Polycrystalline and amorphous silicon solar cells, Heterojunctions - interfaces and cells, GaAs/AlGaAs solar cells, InP/CdS/CIGS/CdTe solar cells, Growth and fabrication techniques, Organic solar cells, 3rd generation solar cells - technology, ideas, designs PV Systems: Introduction to PV System, Construction, Solar Irradiation and Panels, Effect of Insolation and Temperature on V-I Curve, Shading and Tilt angle In Solar Energy, Charge Controller in Solar Energy System, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Charge Controllers Off-Grid and on-grid Solar Systems. Protection of PV Systems. Batteries in PV System Lab and hands on experience (CEC) I-V Curve, Series & Parallel of PV Modules, Series type Charge Controller, Shunt type Charge Controller, MPPT and Current booster, Diodes in PV System (Bypass and Blocking diodes), Charge and Discharge of PV batteries, PV Inverter, PV Water pumping system, Off Grid Solar Energy System, On Grid Solar Energy System.
Course Offered this semesterYes