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Course details of EE6133
Course NoEE6133
Course TitleMultirate Digital Signal Processing
Course Content1. INTRODUCTION: Sampling, Nyquist criterion, Aliasing, Reconstruction, discrete-time Fourier Transform, Z Transform 2. MULTIRATE CONCEPTS: Multi-rate building blocks–up-sampling, interpolation, down-sampling (decimation), properties, sampling rate conversion, multirate filters, polyphase implementation with up/down sampling 3. MULTI-RATE FILTER BANKS: Sub-band coding, Analysis and Synthesis filterbanks, Maximally decimated filterbanks (aliasing cancellation, magnitude distortion, phase distortion), filter Banks satisfying Perfect Reconstruction (PR) condition (two channel and M-channel PR filterbanks) 4. MULTIRATE FRAMEWORK FOR OFDM AND MULTICARRIER TRANSMISSION: AWGN Channel Capacity (Shannon), Frequency-selective fading channel Capacity, Water-filling, Motivation for OFDM, Filterbank transceivers, Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI), Inter-Block Interference (IBI)–Zero-padding, Cyclic Prefix (CP), An enhancement of OFDM - Filterbank Multicarrier (FBMC) 5. APPLICATIONS: Oversampled Delta-Sigma A/D, noise shaping, Interpolated FIR (IFIR) Filters, Multistage CIC filters 6.WAVELETS: Introduction, Short-Time Fourier Transform (STFT), The Wavelet Transform and its Relation to Multirate Filter Banks 7. MATLAB EXERCISES & MINI PROJECT: Involving multirate DSP concepts
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