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Course NoEP3200
Course TitlePhotonics
Course ContentIntroduction to some photonic systems: LIGO, fiber optic communication systems Review of classical properties of light: Reflection, refraction, dispersion, interference, polarization Coherence, Gaussian Beam Optics, Fabry Perot Resonators The Photon and its properties Light sources: Principles of light-matter interaction- absorption, emission, Simple rate equation modelling of lasers: gain, saturation, amplifiers, Semiconductor lasers, Noise in Laser Diode Detectors: Working principle of photomultiplier tubes, PIN/APD diodes, Noise in detectors Optical Fibres: Ray approach to fibre optics, extension to modes, Propagation of light in fibers- attenuation, dispersion Photonics in different Engineering Applications: Plasmonics, Optical sensors, Photonic Integrated Circuits
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