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Course details of EE5140W
Course NoEE5140W
Course TitleDigital Modulation and Coding
Course ContentComplex Baseband Representation: Energy and Power signals, Frequency domain representations, Passband and Baseband signals, Upconversion and Downconversion, Equivalences between baseband and passband signals Digital Modulation: Linear modulation, pulse shaping, PSD of linear modulated signals, Nyquist criterion for ISI avoidance, Differential Modulation, Nonlinear Modulation, M-ary constellations and power efficiencyCoherent Demodulation: Signal space concepts, Additive White Gaussian Noise, Bayesian Hypothesis Testing, Optimal demodulation in AWGN, Error Performance, Elementary link budget analysisNoncoherent Demodulation: Synchronization errors, Timing and Frequency errors, Noncoherent demodulation, Square-law detector, Error performanceISI Channels: Demodulation of stream of symbols, Inter-symbol Interference, Optimal demodulation with ISI, Viterbi algorithm, Linear equalization, Decision feedback equalization
Course Offered this semesterNo
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