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Course details of EE5170
Course NoEE5170
Course TitleSpeech Signal Processing
Course Content(1) The speech signal—process of speech production—acoustic phonetics—the speech chain—anatomy of the ear—sound perception—audttory models. (2) Acoustic theory of speech production—lossless tube models—digital models for sampled speech signals. (3) Time domain processing of speech signals: short-time energy, magnitude, zero-crossing rate, autocorrelation function, AMDF. (4) Frequency domain representations for speech signals: short-time Fourier analysis and its modifications. (5) Cepstrum and homomorphic speech processing: short-time cepsturm and complex cepstrum—cepstrum analysis of all-pole models—cepstrum distance measures. (6) Linear predictive analysis of speech: basics of LP analysis—computation of model gain—frequency domain interpretation—solution of the LP equations—prediction error signal—properties of the LP polynomial—alternative representations of the LP coefficients. (7) Applications: introduction to speech coding, recognition, and synthesis.
Course Offered this semesterYes
Faculty NameDr. UMESH S