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Course details of EE5204
Course NoEE5204
Course TitleElectric Vehicles and Renewable Energy
Course Content1. India’s energy Scenario 2. India’s road-transport and importance of EVs in India 3. Centralised and Decentralised Power generation systems using Solar PV: technology and economics; solar-DC systems; bi-directional grid synchronisation 4. Centralised and Decentralised Wind Power systems: technology and economics 5. Other Renewable Energy sources 6. Grid-storage for Renewable Energy 7. System level analysis of power consumed in EVs; Electric Vehicle architecture and sub-systems 8. Batteries for EVs 9. Electric Drive-trains: Motors, controllers, DC-DC converters, other subsystems 10. EV Chargers and battery-Swappers 11. Cost-challenges of EVs in India and the world 12. Electric 2-wheelrs, 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers, buses, small goods-vehicles
Course Offered this semesterNo
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