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Course NoEE6013
Course TitleGIAN151003D03: Coherent Optical Communication
Course Content1. Optical Communication- Physical Layer a. Introduction to optical communication b. Advanced modulation formats -generation c. Coherent detection d. Impairments in coherent communciation systems e. Noise in the detectors, quantum limit, BER analysis 2. Signal processing for advanced modulation formats a. Clock recovery and timing error correction b. Phase noise and freq offset compensation c. Dispersion compensation d. Polarisation demultiplexing and PMD compensation 3. Coherent techniques in Optical networks a. Introduction to optical networks – long haul, back bone, metro/access networks b. Wavelength division multiplexed systems c. Optical switching and routing d. Advanced modulation formats in optical networks –back bone and metro networks networks e. Advanced modulation formats in access networks - Passive optical networks f. Elastic 4. Current research systems (2 Lectures- Liam Barry) a. Optical OFDM systems b. Other research systems 5. Computer simulation modules a. Characterization of optical communication system b. Digital signal processing of advanced modulation formats
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