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Course NoEE6131
Course TitleDigital Filter Design
Course ContentIIR Filter Design: Review of classical analog filter design (Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptic)--design of digital filters based on continuous-time filters--mapping of differentials--impulse invariant transformation--modified impulse invariant transformation--bilinear transformation--matched z-transform technique--Padé approximation--Prony's method--Shank's method--spectral transformations for digital filters. FIR Filter Design: Review of conditions needed for precise linear phase--design techniques for linear phase FIR filters: (a) windowing method, (b) frequency sampling, (c) weighted Chebyshev approximation. Quantization Effects: Review of binary representation of numbers--truncation and rounding--coefficient quantization--roundoff noise--interaction of roundoff noise and dynamic range--scaling for parallel and cascade forms--limit-cycle oscillations--state-space structures--error spectrum shaping via feedback.
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