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Course details of EE3004
Course NoEE3004
Course TitleControl Engineering
Course Content1. Open-loop and closed-loop systems: Mathematical Models for Physical Systems:Electrical circuits, dc generator and motors, Mechanical systems, computational systems. Linearization of nonlinear systems. Transfer function representation.2. Transient Response: Typical inputs; Time-domain specifications; Steady stateerrors; error series, system error and Non-unity feedback systems.3. Concept of stability; necessary and sufficient conditions for stability; BIBO stability,Routh-Hurwitz criterion; Root locus plots, relative stability.4. Frequency response; Bode plots; Frequency domain specifications: Gain Marginand phase Margin; Nyquist plot: Nyquist stability criterion;5. Controller Design: basics of the proportional, derivative and integral actions, lead lag compensators: via root locus and frequency domain methods.6. State-variable representation of systems: Solution of state equations, stability,controllability and observability, pole placement.
Course Offered this semesterYes
Dr. Rachel