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Course NoEE8013
Course TitleGIAN171003D01: Coupling-Matrix Design of Advanced RF/Microwave Filters
Course ContentThe course starts by introducing students to the importance of RF filters in modern reconfigurable communication systems followed by the fundamentals of filter design. It subsequently introduces students to the coupling-matrix design theory followed by many practical synthesis examples. Without sacrificing mathematical rigor, the course emphasizes the practical step-by-step design process. Relevant matlab scripts will be provided to students so they can perform their own designs. Students will be able to design complex transfer-function filters that go beyond traditional textbook-style filters. In addition, planar and three dimensional practical filter examples will be presented. The course will conclude by providing examples of the most successful reconfigurable filter architectures that exploit the aforementioned techniques. Students completing this course will be able to understand basic and advanced filter concepts as well as comprehend state-of-the-art tunable designs published in the technical literature.
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