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Course details of EE3402
Course NoEE3402
Course TitleSensing Techniques and Sensor Systems
Course ContentCourse Contents: Sensors: Types and characteristics. Mechanical and acoustic sensors: metallic, thin-film and semiconductor strain gauges, silicon pressure sensors, accelerometers, displacement transducers, piezo junction devices, piezoelectric field-effect transducers, surface acoustic wave devices, ultrasonic based sensors, flow sensors. Magnetic and Electric field sensors: Sensors based on variable magnetic coupling, search coil, magnetoresistors, Hall-effect devices, integrated Hall devices, flux-gate sensors, solid-state read and write heads, electrostatic sensors and applications. Light-sensitive sensors: photovoltaic diodes, photoconductors, photodiodes, phototransistors, positron-sensitive photodetectors, opto-isolators, photodiode arrays, charge-coupled devices, fiber-optic sensor technologies and applications. Thermal sensors: Platinum resistors, thermistors, silicon transistor thermometers, integrated temperature transducers, thermocouples. Interface electronics: Noise analysis, electronic circuits designed to interface directly with the sensing elements, linearization, A/D conversion, temperature compensation. Current, frequency, period or pulse-width modulation conversion, microcomputer/microcontroller interfacing. Sensor systems and applications: integrated sensors-actuators, microsystems, sensor buses, multiple-sensor systems, sensor networks and automotive, consumer, power, medical measurement systems.
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