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Course details of EE5212
Course NoEE5212
Course TitleDigital Controller for power Applications
Course ContentTheory: Numeric Systems (Fixed and Floating Point Representation), Architecture of DSP’s C2000 , Memory Mapping in DSP, Peripheral Modules, Per Unitization in Power processing systems for digital control, Discretization in Z-domain and its advantages in digital control, Instruction sets in c2000 and its optimal usage for power applications.Lab: Installation, configuration and initialization in C2000, Interfacing with DAC, Interfacing with ADC, generation of saw tooth and triangular waveforms, PWM generation, Understanding digital control of DC DC converters, Generation of sine wave and viewing in DAC, V/f control of Induction motor, Example programs for communication interfaces like I2C interface, RS232 interface, understanding the encoder features in C2000 for drive application.
Course Offered this semesterNo
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