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Course details of EE5011
Course NoEE5011
Course TitleComputer Methods in Electrical Engineering
Course Content1. Programming Overview Interfacing C code to Python. Debugging and Profiling. Precision issues. 2. Interpolation Polynomial, rational function and spline interpolation. 2D interpolation 3. Integration Romberg and spline integration. Effect of discontinuities. Improper integrals. Gaussian quadratures. 4. Function Fitting Taylor approximations vs minimax approximations. Chebyshev, Rational Chebyshev and fourier fitting. Fast algorithms. Effect of poles. 5. Root Finding Root finding in 1-D and N-D 6. Minimization 1-D minimization. Simplex, Powell and Conjugate Gradient methods in higher dimensions 6. Random variables Generating random numbers, testing. Generating desired pdfs. Introduction to Monte Carlo methods. The chi-squared and K.S. tests to determine if distributions differ. 7. Optional: Simulated Annealing Finding global minimum in a problem with many local minima 8. Linear Algebra Brief overview of theory following Strang. Numerical techniques using eigen decomposition and SVD. Sparse matrices 10. Optional Alternate Topics: ODEs, PDEs, Digital filters and Model based estimation
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