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Course details of EE5200
Course NoEE5200
Course TitlePower Converter Analysis and Design
Course ContentPower Devices and their driving circuitry IGBT, Power MOSFET, IGCT, SCR – data sheet interpretation and gate drive Circuit Design, SiC MOSFET devices and their characteristics AC/DC Converters Review of three phase SCR bridge converters and performance analysis. Three phase and cascaded bridge structure with phase shifting transformer. IGBT front end converter and their control in sync ref frame (ref frames should be taken up in beginning section in machine modeling course for this) – four quadrant operation – resistance emulation methods. Single phase power factor correction circuits and control DC/AC converters Two level inverters: Selective Harmonic Elimination, SPWM, Space Vector. Advances in Space Vector Approach. Effect of dead time on performance and compensation schemes. Multilevel converters – NPC, Flying capacitor, and cascaded structures: Analysis and triggering schemes Matrix Converters and their operation – Structure and their methods of control Elements of Power Converter Design A given application power rating – selection of device, loss calculation, driving circuitry design, device protection, current/voltage sensors and their datasheets (LEM).
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