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Course NoEE6509
Course TitleFiber Lasers and Applications
Course ContentI. Fundamentals of Fiber Amplifiers 1. Stimulated emission and amplification of light 2. Rare-earth doped fiber systems (Er and Yb) 3. Three-level and four-level systems 4. Population inversion and gain 5. Basic configuration of a fiber amplifier II. Fiber laser characteristics 1. Resonators, fiber resonators 2. Threshold and slope efficiency 3. Gain bandwidth and tunability 4. Case Study – EDFL and YDFL 5. Pulsed fiber lasers – mode-locking and Q-switching III. Power Scaling of Fiber Lasers 1. Double-clad fiber technology 2. Design considerations for double-clad fiber lasers 3. Power limitation due to nonlinearities/thermal mode instability 4. Mitigation techniques 5. Chirped pulse amplification of ultrashort pulses 6. Beam combining techniques IV. Applications of Fiber Lasers 1. Healthcare 2. Material Processing
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