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Course details of EE6430
Course NoEE6430
Course TitleFundamentals of Linear Optimization
Course Content1. Origins of Linear Optimization: Fourier-Motzkin Elimination2. Affine Spaces: Affine Hull, Affine Subspaces, Affine Independence and Dimension3. Convex Cones: Polyhedral Cones, Finitely Generated Cones, Carathoedery’s Theorem Wely’s Theorem, Farkas Lemma, Dual Cones and Minkowski’s thorem . 4. Polyhedrons: Faces of Cones and Polyhedrons, Homogenization, Minkowski-Weyl Duality, V-H descriptions, Recession cone .5. Linear Programming and Duality: Feasibility, Dual of an LP, Weak and Strong Duality theorems and Complementary Slackness theorem.6. Computations on a Polyhedron: Dimension of a polyhedron and Double description method and Simplex Algorithm
Course Offered this semesterYes